Squalene -S The Original Squalene 450mg 100 softgels

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Brand: Yamato
Item Code: FR5569

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1,400.00 PHP
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Weight: 0.45 Kg
Description: 100 softgels, approx. 45g/gel (450mg of squalene)
Squalene-S is a softgel capsule that contains Squalene, a deep-sea shark liver extract known for its numerous health benefits to the human body. Squalene is naturally contained in our bodies but diminishes as we age. Squalene-S supplementation is vital for good health for the whole family.

Squalene-S health benefits: Potent Oxygen supplement, slows down aging, immune booster, helps normalize blood pressure, protects liver and kidneys, Natural skin healer, Energy and stamina builder, Helps slow down cancer development.
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