Revglow Lemon Peel Soap Natural Health Beauty Soap

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Brand: Revglow
Item Code: RVLMS90

32.00 PHP (-29%)

45.00 PHP
Points: 3
Weight: 0.1 Kg
Description: Face Tonic:It works as a nice skin tonic.
Skin Whitening Mask: Rich in citric acid, lemon peels work well as a skin whitening agent, and is good for normal to oily skin.
Acne Scar Remover:The microbial properties of lemon peels make it an apt ingredient to treat acne and acne scars problem.
Skin Bleaching Mask:Lemon peels have alpha hydroxy acid in them. This helps them bleach your skin the natural way without going the chemical path.
Removing Fine Lines And Wrinkles:Rich in pectin and anti-oxidants, lemon peels keep your skin firm and elastic.
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