Revglow Seaweed soap, Natural Beauty Health Soap

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Brand: Revglow
Item Code: RGSEAS90

32.00 PHP (-29%)

45.00 PHP
Points: 3
Weight: 0.1 Kg
Description: Seaweed slimming soap
Using Slimming Seaweed soap is indeed a great way to reduce Fat and detoxify your body
And increase your metabolism
Your skin will be tighter, smoother, firmer, and more supple. No more dry, scaly patches. No more peeling, itching, or irritation. Have beautiful skin that reveals the goddess you truly are!
Seaweed soap cleans the body, plus it exfoliates the skin removes dead cells on the skin. It helps unclog pores and reduces acne breakouts. Seaweed contains several beneficial minerals and vitamins that may nourish the skin during the exfoliation process, leaving the skin healthy looking and toned. These include vitamins A1, B2, B6, B12, and minerals like potassium, calcium, iron and zinc.
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